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Crafted with precision, this piece features shimmering gold paint delicately applied onto a textured surface, exuding elegance and depth. Signed meticulously on both front and back, this artwork is presented on high-quality, 300gsm thick acid-free paper, ensuring longevity and durability. A glossy protective varnish adds a luxurious finish, safeguarding the integrity of the painting. 


To preserve its integrity during delivery, our artwork is dispatched as straight paper, not rolled. For optimal display, we recommend professional framing and, if necessary, non-reflective glass. This ensures that the intricate tones and textures of the painting are showcased in their truest form, captivating viewers with their beauty and detail.


Please note that there is a 2.5cm border surrounding the painting. Occasionally, during the artistic process, some paint may extend onto this border, resulting in a slight variation in texture compared to the main artwork. This border serves as a framing guide and adds to the overall aesthetic of the piece, contributing to its unique character and handmade quality.

Golden Horizon - Original 42x29.7cm

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